Cathodoluminescence (CL) image of the mineral zircon (ZrSiO4) showing internal concentric-growth zonation and a complex history.
Mt. Erebus, the most southern active volcano in the world.
Lab scene...
The Whin Sill igneous intrusion (dolerite, ~295Ma) in northern England with Hadrian's Wall running along the top on the right. Photo by Martin Pratt.
A very fresh impact crater on Mars

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Whether you're interested in studying the world beneath your feet, or worlds farther away, the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences provides the tools for understanding the processes that shape our planet and other solar system bodies. Understanding the Earth system is also the key to addressing many environmental challenges, including climate change, water quality, and sources of energy. More...

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From arcs to continents: A deep lithosphere perspective
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February 15, 2017: Eroded emergency spillway at the Oroville, CA, dam after Saturday's overflow.
The main spillway, which has been wide open in order to lower the lake level, is just visible on the upper left.
Image credit: AP
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