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NGA Virtual Recruiting Event

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is offering a virtual presentation that will focus on geoscience-related employment and internship opportunities at NGA.

Unravelling the Geomorphic History of Mars: Landform Evolution Modeling as a Tool

Alan Howard, Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, AZ

Iceland: Born of Fire and Ice

Ray Arvidson, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor
Rudolph Hall, Rm 204 and Zoom

The PIXL instrument onboard the Mars 2020 Rover: an overview of the instrument, its capabilities, and first results obtained from in-situ exploration of the floor of Jezero Crater, Mars

Joel Hurowitz, Associate Professor of Geosciences, Stony Brook University
Rudolph Hall, Rm 203

Iron and Manganese Oxidation by Oxyhalogen Species: Implications for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction on Mars

Kaushik Mitra, PhD Candidate, Washington University in St. Louis
Rudolph Hall, Rm 203 and via Zoom

EPS Colloquium: Claire Bucholz

California Institute of Technology

EPS Colloquium: Morgan L. Cable

Ocean Worlds Program Area Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

EPS Colloquium: Jennifer Whitten

Professor, Tulane University

EPS Colloquium: Mark Panning

Mark Panning, JPL

Memorial Lectures

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences currently holds three memorial lectures each year.

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