Minimum Grades

A grade of "C-" ("C" for summer field camp) is the minimum acceptable performance for each unit of credit for each required course, including those in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Courses with grades of "D" may fulfill the College's 120 total hours requirement, but they do not meet the Departmental requirements. A grade of "C-" is also the minimum acceptable performance for each unit of credit for any course required as a prerequisite to enrolling in advanced or sequential courses.

Transfer Credits

Credits to be transferred from another institution must have prior approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the relevant Arts & Sciences department.

University College

Courses taken at University College will not normally count towards fulfillment of any EPS major or minor.

Graduate Courses

Advanced undergraduates are welcome to enroll in graduate level (500+) courses, assuming they have the appropriate prerequisites and permission from their undergraduate advisor and the specific course instructor. Graduate-level courses will generally fulfill an elective option for a major.

Capstone Courses

Integrative courses that fulfill the capstone requirement (EPS 496 Undergraduate Field Geology, EnSt 539 Environmental Law Clinic, and EnSt 405 Sustainability Exchange) may now be substituted for certain electives if the capstone is fulfilled in another way. Please check the curriculum for relevant major to see if these courses will count.

Independent Study

In the past, there has been a college-level prohibition on a student receiving pay and academic credit for the same experience. Under the new policy faculty may choose, based on the availability of resources, to pay students who are conducting independent research for credit.