Boot Canyon view in Texas

Thesis Titles of AM Graduates

The following lists the graduate's name, the graduate's thesis advisors in parentheses, and the title of the thesis.


Zahra, Matthew Jameel (Dymek, Robert F.) A tale of two plutons: Contrasting field and geochemical characteristics between mangerites of Charlevoix County, Quebec


Kuebler, Karla (Dymek, Robert F., Jolliff, Bradley L.) A comparison of iddingsite alteration in two terrestrial basalts and the ALHA 77005 martian meteorite using Raman spectroscopy and electron microprobe analyses


Poole, Karen Elaine (Smith, Jennifer R.) A new iguanodontian specimen from the Cedar Mountain Formation, Grand County, Utah


Lippmann, Jennifer L. (Criss, Robert E.) Geochemistry of reworked loess and red clays in Missouri caves


Shechet, Jennifer Leslie (Griffes) (Arvidson, Raymond E.) Geomorphic and spectral mapping of northern Meridiani Planum


Greenhagen, Benjamin (Jolliff, Bradley L., Arvidson, Raymond E.) Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of Mg sulfate and basalt mixtures as martian regolith analogues

Hoffman, Jeff Alan (Dymek, Robert F.) An investigation of anorthosites of the Akulleq terrane, West Greenland with implications for Archaean anorthosite petrogenesis


Larsen, Laurel Griggs (Arvidson, Raymond E.) Development and testing of a coupled heat and moisture transfer model to assess subsurface moisture gradients


Fernandes, Samantha  (Shock, E. L.)  Inorganic geochemistry of the Missouri River: Solute sources and downstream variations

Giesting, Paul (Hofmeister, Anne M.)  Spectroscopy and thermal conductivity of majoritic garnets

Winston, William E. (Criss, Robert E.)  Dynamic geochemical response of an eastern Missouri karst spring to seasonal and storm induced perturbations


Marcus, Lawrence Mandel (Criss, Robert E.)  River mixing in the St. Louis area


Clark, Ian (Arvidson, Raymond E.) A three-dimensional reflectance and volume scattering model for coated rock surfaces

Frederickson, Chris (Criss, Robert E.) Relationship between the stable isotopes of precipitation and springs and rivers in east central Missouri and southwestern Illinois


Miller, Gretchen (Arvidson, Raymond E.) Monitoring interannual changes in the Arrow Rock/Jameson Island/Lisbon Bottoms Missouri River floodplain as a result of the floods of 1993, 1995, 1996, and 1997


Eakins, Jennifer (Phillips, Roger J.)  Creep response of the lithosphere in plate loading models at Hawaii

Israel, Elisa (Arvidson, Raymond E.)  Examination of a desert varnished basalt using electron microprobe analysis and laser Raman spectroscopy


Miner, Gwen (Pasteris, Jill D.) Aspects of the petrogenesis of the Longnose Fe-Ti-oxide-rich ultramafic body, Duluth Complex, Minnesota

Roth, Amy Shanabrook (Arvidson, Raymond E., Morris, Richard V.) Investigation of 10Be behavior in unsaturated surface sediments


Becker, Richard Hardy (Arvidson, Raymond E.) Construction of regional scale digital Landsat thematic mapper mosaics, and applications for regional mapping and plate reconstructions in the Red Sea area


Lundberg, Laura (Crozaz, Ghislaine) Rare earth element and isotopic studies of a variety of extraterrestrial materials using ion microprobe techniques


Alexopoulos, Jim (McKinnon, William B.)  Large ringed impact craters and basins on Venus: Implications for formation and Venus surface properties

Icenhower, Jonathon (Dymek, Robert F.) Petrogenesis of monzodiorite and quartz monzodiorite plutons from Charlevoix County, Quebec

Luo, Wei (Arvidson, Raymond E.) Regional geological mapping of Egyptian Red Sea coast between Quseir and Marsa Alam using remote sensing techniques

Willis, Marc (Shock, E. L., Pasteris, Jill D.) The aqueous geochemistry of titanium in the geologic environment


Kilmer, Douglas Stephen (Duncan, Ian W.) A structural analysis of the Precambrian terrains of SW Madagascar: A Landsat thematic mapper-based investigation

Pool, Gregory Barrington (Luhr, James F.)  Petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of lower-crustal xenoliths, central Mexico

Steele, Alison Mary (Haskin, Larry A.) Geochemistry and petrography of Apollo 15 green glass


Seitz, Jeffery Charles (Pasteris, Jill D.) Characterization of aqueous gas-rich fluid inclusions by microthermometry and laser Raman spectroscopy and aspects of differential partitioning of gases by clathrate hydrates

Smith, Jennifer Ann (Luhr, James F.) Extension-related magmatism of the Durango volcanic field, Durango, Mexico


Meng, Yanxi (Dymek, Robert F.) Tourmaline from the Isua Supracrustal Belt, southwest Greenland

O'Leary, Ellen Frances (Dymek, Robert F.) Petrology of the malene ultramafic rocks, Godthåb region, southwest Greenland

Petroy, David E. (Wiens, Douglas A.) Historical seismicity and plate kinematics of the northeast Indian Ocean

Villeneuve, Michael Edward (Bowring, Sam) Pb isotopes as evidence for an Early Proterozoic source for garnet granites of Wopmay Orogen, N.W.T.


Gardner, James Edward (Haskin, Larry A.) Trace element and Nd isotopic evidence for the origins of the stratifications of the Endion Sill, Duluth, Minnesota

Kramer, Frank Edward (Podosek, Frank A.) The distribution of krypton in an anorthite-diopside-water system at five kilobars pressure

Simon, John Frederic Jr. (Smith, William H.) High resolution spectroscopy of hydrogen quadrupole features on Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune and HD dipole absorption on Uranus

Smith-Ross, Terri Lynn (Batiza, Rodey) Geology and volcanic development of a near-ridge seamount and new evidence for the diversity of origin of seamount hyaloclastites: Results from integrated Alvin/Angus and laboratory study


Dale-Bannister, Mary Ann (Arvidson, Raymond E.) On the types of rocks at the Viking lander sites

Edwards, Margo Helen (Arvidson, Raymond E.) Digital image processing and interpretation of global and local bathymetric data

Eilerts, Toni Lynn (Walter, Lynn) The diagenetic history of the North Vernon limestone (Middle Devonian) - Illinois Basin

Presley, Marsha Ann (Arvidson, Raymond E.) The origin and history of surficial units in the central equatorial region of Mars


Bloch, John D. (Bhattacharyya, Deba P.) Diagenesis of the Upper Cambrian Lamotte Sandstone in the southwest quadrant of the Rolla 1 x 2 quadrangle, Missouri

De Chazal, Suzanne Marie (Crozaz, Ghislaine) Uranium, plutonium and the rare earth elements in ordinary chondrites and the potential of the 244Pu chronometer

Dunn, Lisa G. (Bhattacharyya, Deba P.) Lithology and stratigraphy of the Naqus Formation, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Lewis, Robert Harry (Haskin, Larry A.) Electrical conductivity measurements of high temperature silicate melts

Mueller, Steven Wayne (McKinnon, William B.) Three-layer models of Ganymede and Callisto: Structure and evolution

Seely, Mark Richard (Bhattacharyya, Deba P.) Depositional environments and dolomitization-silicification diagenesis of Warsaw-Salem-St. Louis sequence (Meramecian), southwest St. Louis County, Missouri1984

Dromgoole, Edward Lee (Pasteris, Jill D.) Petrology and chemistry of sulfides in xenoliths from Kilbourne Hole, N.M.

Eddy, Michele Sharon (Davies, Geoffrey) Gravity survey, computer modeling and tectonic interpretation of the Missouri gravity low interpretation


Becker, Richard C. (Echols, Dorothy J.) Oligocene foraminiferal zonation of a well in the Main Pass Area (Gulf of Mexico)

Roca, Henri Joseph III (Echols, Dorothy J.) The Oligocene foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the South Atlantic, 30° South Latitude

Shoberg, Thomas Gilford (Davies, Geoffrey) Collisional accretion of the terrestrial planets

Strebeck, John William (Arvidson, Raymond E.) Structure of the Precambrian basement in the Ozark Plateau as inferred from gravity and remote sensing data


Decker, Deborah Ann Keck (Goettel, Kenneth A.) Phase relations of the composition KAlSi3O8

Michel, Sandra Jo Hagni (Pasteris, Jill D.) The petrologic relationships between magnetite and hematite in the Pilot Knob iron deposit, southeastern Missouri

Ragan, Gerald Michael (Echols, Dorothy J.) Late Cretaceous to early Eocene foramniferal zonation from a well in the Gulf of Mexico

Rogers, Mark Arleigh (Batiza, Rodey) Petrology, geochemistry and significance of ultramafic inclusions in lavas from Guadalupe Island: An alkali basalt volcano in the eastern Pacific Ocean

Viscio, Paul James (Pasteris, Jill D.)  Petrology of TiO2-polymorph-bearing vein deposits adjacent to the Magnet Cove intrusion


Fetyani, Ahmad Ali (Batiza, Rodey)  Petrographic, chemical and Pb-isotope composition of sphalerite, pyrite, and chalcopyrite from a mineralogically zoned Pb-Zn ore body in the Viburnum Trend of Southeast Missouri