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First-Year Seminar: Geology in the Field

Earth And Planetary Sciences 104 - Fall 2021

This course is designed to develop foundational skills in field geology and Earth science while promoting leadership and teamwork. There are no prerequisites, and the class is suitable for students with little or no academic background in Earth science. Students are not required to have extensive outdoor experience, but must demonstrate enthusiasm for work in challenging environments. Students will receive training in a variety of geological field methods, including field mapping, sampling protocols, section measurement; and structural identification and analysis. This course is field-intensive with multiple field exercises during class periods, and 2-3 weekend field trips that will involve camping, caving, and backcountry hiking. The course is primarily suited for students who enjoy working outdoors, and intend to major in Earth and Planetary Sciences, Biology, Anthropology, or Archeology. Course enrollment preference is given to first-year students.

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First-Year Seminar: Geology in the Field
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