Linking the surface and igneous S isotope records across the Great Oxygenation Event

Claire Bucholz, Assistant Professor, California Institute of Technology

Recycling of surface-derived sulfur into the deep earth can impart distinct sulfur isotope signatures to magmas. In particular, multiple sulfur isotopes have also been measured in igneous rocks as a tracer of Archean sulfur in magmas. The details of sulfur transfer from sedimentary rocks to magmas (and ultimately igneous rocks) through metamorphism and devolatilization and/or partial melting, however, is difficult to trace. To understand this process in detail I will present multiple-sulfur isotope compositions of sulfides in Archean and Proterozoic strongly peraluminous granites which are derived through the partial melting of metasedimentary rocks. I will discuss the implications of this study for interpreting S isotopes in igneous rocks and also for understanding the Archean S cycle.

Host: Mike Krawczynski

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