Implications of Igneous Sills Intruding Carbon-Rich Sediments: Initial Results from IODP Expedition 385

Dan Lizarralde, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The intrusion of igneous sills into organic-rich sediments have the potential to release substantial volumes of carbon from those sediments into the ocean and atmosphere. This process is common in young rift basins, and it may impact the long term sequestration of carbon in those basins. This process has also been implicated in catastrophic events associated with large igneous province formation. IODP Expedition 385 was designed to help understand the influence of igneous sill intrusion on carbon cycling in sedimentary basins. This drilling leg was to Guaymas Basin, in the Gulf of California, where intrusion of igneous sills into organic-rich sediments is an active process. Lizarralde will present some initial results from this Expedition.